Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You know you're obsessed when...

.....your cat throws up but you stay seated on the sofa because you just have to finish the row. He looks sorta innocent, doesn't he? Don't be misled.

I was in the middle of a row of lace, knitting the Rowan Birch shawl, and I heard Nigel letting go of his breakfast. Do I get up and clean it up, and possibly screw up the shawl, yet again? I'd already frogged it once.


I figured...we have hardwood floors, old hardwood floors, what harm will it do? So I finished my row.

What would you do?

And how do you know you're obsessed with knitting?


  1. Hi Barbara, I don't knit but if I was in the middle of stitching on sequins or gluing on rhinestones, I wouldn't stop either. Your post reminds me of the MANY things I would "put off" because of my obsession. I guess if you have to be obsessed about something,creativity is a good option.

  2. "I just have to finish this row" is my mantra!

  3. You won't believe this: The word I had to type for security to post my last comment was "retch"!!!

  4. Funny indeed! It made me smile and still maintain my urge to have another cat as part of this household!

    Better to be obsessed with knitting than with cleaning, don't you think?