Thursday, January 5, 2012

My first woven scarf

Weaving is growing on me. Santa brought me an Emilia 19" loom last Christmas and I wove the scarf you see here. 10 dent, 10" wide weft, and long. Very long.  Used Pagewood Farms sock (turquoise) for the warp and Malabrigo lace (lettuce) for the weft.  My beautiful friend Kim bought it at the 2011 Holiday Boutique and happily paid $125.  This encouragement fueled my weaving muse to start another ( I'll post pics when it's finished) using Wollmeise 100%. Guide to Galaxy, leftover from knitting Travis a sockhead hat (photo below, as well) for the warp and Vamp for the weft.  There's so much to learn about weaving. My fella Ravelers have been such a great help.
Kim wearing my first scarf
Travis's new sockhead hat

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