Sunday, August 14, 2016

Handmade by Babette

Thank you for visiting my page of weavings and knits called Handmade by Babette.  I'm a writer/teacher/radio show host by day, a weaver/dyer of yarn/spinner of yarn/jewelry maker by night.

 Everything you see here is hand knit or woven by me in Southern California using the best yarns and materials I can find. Many are imported from Germany, a few from India and Japan, and some are USA spun.

These are handmade items, so not standard as you might find with machine-made knits and weavings.  Everything listed here is gift-quality.  Should whomever you gift an item to not be happy, I will accept exchanges within 14 days, as long as the item hasn't been worn.  Shipping & delivery confirmation to US addresses is included in the price.  (International guests, please send me your city/country/code and I'll send you the mailing cost.) Insurance is extra.

I've been asked if I consider bartering. I will.  I'm currently looking for a working spinning wheel and am interested in fine yarn and roving, and vintage beads.

If you'd like to see more, please visit my shop on Etsy. It's called LowTideDesigns. Click here.  Email me at to make sure an item is still available or visit Etsy.  I also do custom orders.

Thanks for looking!

SOLD Blackberry scarf, 76" x 85" (not including fringe), imported German merino wool, $165

"Taryn's Teal Dream" hand woven scarf, commission SOLD

"Stripey" hand knit scarf, 92"x6" imported Japanese Noro yarn, $95
"Peachy sweet" beanie, hand knit merino wool, $55 sold

"Violet Sunset" felted beaded purse, $85

"Oh, Susanna" shawl 52" x 20" hand knit lace, imported German wool, $160  SOLD

"Summer Muse" hand knit lace, beaded, 67" x 30" $250  SOLD to TINA

"Flamenco" shawlette, 42"x19" hand knit lace, imported German wool, $165
Tiffanyberry scarf, 76"x8.5" (not incl. fringe) merino wool, $145 sold.

SOLD "Collecting Seaglass" scarf, 88"x6.5", imported German wool, $125

SOLD "Raspberry Winter" 94"x6" (w/o fringe), Wollmeise German imported merino wool  $95

"Blue Moon Sunday" 79"x7.5" (not incl. fringe), merino wool, $95 SOLD

SOLD "Meeting the Sultan" shawl, 74"x16" (not incl. fringe), imported German wool $175

"Indigo Autumn" scarf, 78"x7.5" (not incl. fringe), imported German merino wool, $125  SOLD

"Indian Lemonade" scarf, 76"x7.5" (not incl. fringe), imported merino wool and sari silk, $125 sold

"River Music" scarf, 81"x7.5", merino wool, $125sold

"Sari Safari" scarf, 70"x10", imported merino wool, sari silk, $110sold

"Ruby Wednesday" shawl, 68'x17" (not incl. fringe), imported lace, $165

"Blueberry Fields Forever" scarf (a more subdued purple than the photo), 70"x8" (not incl. fringe), merino wool, $95

"Walk the Tightrope" lace shawl, 44"x19", merino wool, $195

"Moonrise Kingdom" scarf, 76"x5" (not incl. fringe), merino wool, $65 SOLD

"Uptown Train" shawl, 72"x16" (not incl. fringe), imported German merino wool, $135

"Lagunitas" scarf, 74"x10.25" (not incl. fringe), merino wool, $125 Sold

"Maharani" shawl, 72"x16.5" (not incl. fringe), imported German merino wool, $165 SOLD





Monday, November 19, 2012

My first sweater

Here's a photo of me in the first sweater I ever knit, in college...a sweater that was bright green and that made me swear off knitting for a couple of decades--knitting it was such a nightmare. Why I chose this pattern for my first sweater, I will never know. At some point I pitched the sweater as far as it would go; I so did not want to remember it. Now I wish I still had it. Ain't that the case?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Liesl III and Woven scarf #4

I don't post here nearly as much as I should. I figure if I at least post photos, that's enough, right? Because that's what we mostly want--what I mostly want, anyway--when we look at knit garments and accessories. If you want more details, they are on my Ravelry Inkmama page.
Liesl III in Malabrigo Silky Merino, colorway Matisse

Good for watering the garden

The plants approve
Woven scarf #4, using Blue Moon Socks That Rock

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cute little bags

I love Lyanda Lynn Haupt's blog (and her book Crow Planet*). I subscribe, and every week or so I receive a new post. Today's was about cloth bags. She so inspired me that I dusted off the sewing machine and made one. Here it is, below, and here is a link to the post that so inspired me.

I've saved fabric from over the years--fabric from vintage tablecloths that have blossomed holes or fabric from garments and even a custom made lampshade--that I've hoped to repurpose at some point.  (I also keep all of our broken dishes to someday use in mosaics.)

The fabric below was once part of a tablecloth that covered our table. The bag stands 9" tall and 6" wide. Simple seaming, a length of yarn for the cord. Immediate gratification.

And bag number 2--a little larger....

* Speaking of crows, yesterday a neighborhood crow picked up a piece of pastry from the local cafe and hopped over to a puddle to moisten, to make more palatable? I love watching crows.