Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birch...bottoms up!

Here's my second Birch shawl using this pattern (you can find it on Ravely) rather than the Rowan pattern that starts with casting on 299 stitches and knitting to the bottom.  I enjoyed this one more.  For a lace shawl, it's one of the easiest patterns. Very repetitive.  Time consuming, yes. But not difficult.

I made it for my friend Debbie, who commissioned me to knit it for her.  Isn't she gorgeous in it?


  1. Barbara this is absolutely gorgeous workmanship and looks stunning on your friend! What did you knit it with?

  2. Thanks, Toby!
    I used Alchemy Haiku that I bought at Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. Loved working with the yarn.