Thursday, September 15, 2011

The best thing about knitting

I love this guy....met him at the Orange County Fair. I love his hair!
Something my friend Toby said the other day stuck me and has stayed with me. We were at a end-of-session class party, standing in Ellen's New Orleans-style back yard.  I was saying something to Toby's nice husband about a knitters' obsession and she turned to him and said, in that sweet, observant Toby way: You know, the best thing about knitting is buying yarn, and I said, You're right! and  (inwardly said YES).  We are never so happy about a project as before it starts, at the buying-yarn phase. Well, maybe when we see the end result in the headlights, we're excited, too, because we are almost there. Why is that?  The newness of it all?  The possibility of perfection? 

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  1. I think it's about the possibility of creation for me. When I have new materials to work with it's like adding new paints to a palette, the possibilities expand and my mind loves to consider them all...that's the obsession part.