Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm back in a sock phase. Funny, especially seeing how it's August, and warm/hot. Soon enough it will be sock weather. I've knit socks before--mostly as gifts--but last winter when my feet were cold and I slept with socks knit from Malabrigo sock yarn, I swooned. So soft I hardly noticed anything on my tootsies, but I did notice they kept warm.

Here are two WIPs:  The top one is Spring Forward (you'll find the pattern on The pattern is so easy and moving so fast.  I used Wollmeise 80/20 in Fruehling. I'm not a green person, but I adore this green. It's just gorgeous and my feet will no doubt dance about when I wear these happy, healing socks.

The bottom one is just a plain vanilla sock pattern, and I wanted something plain in hopes that the yarn (Wollmeise Am Kalten Polar, 80/20) would pool, and it did. Isn't it wild?
Pattern: Spring Forward   Name of project: "Or in this case, fall back."

Pattern: Plain Vanilla Socks  Project name: "Break the Knitters Block Socks"

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