Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Floral felted bags

As I was leaving Christopher II this morning, where the lovely Sylvie makes my hands look presentable (I'm hard on my hands, with knitting and beading and gardening and garage saling), Robert stopped me. "My wife would love that purse," he said. It's the first time a man ever stopped me over one of my knit items, and I loved it: he was thinking of his wife and her passions. He wanted to take a photo.
It took a prize at the Orange County Fair last summer. I make them to order. $595, with half down as a deposit. Various other colors can be chosen, too, to truly make it one of a kind.

Here's a larger satchel, which was the division winner at the OC fair a few years ago:

I make these to order, too, but the price is hefty, I admit: $1900.00 You wouldn't believe the work that goes into creating this satchel.

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