Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beaded Beauties

Beading came first. And while I'm obsessed with knitting, I still make jewelry. Some of you have asked to see it in more detail. Here's a beginning. If there's a color you'd like to see, or you want prices, I'll be happy to provide them. Better pics are forthcoming.

The red series, with vintage beads, coral, & Swarovski crystal
From l. - r.: Necklace: $65, charm bracelet: $125, middle Xmas bracelet: $55, bottom coral bracelet $55, cross with Swarovski crystal & gold vermeil: $70

Seaglass, pearls and vintage green crystal
Seaglass necklace $70, freshwater pearl bracelet $45, lampwork & vintage bracelet $45,

The necklace from just above with more detail. $70
Seaglass from the ocean at Corona del Mar, freshwater pearls, silver & vintage crystal

Seaglass with freshwater pearls & vintage beads & silver

Cobalt crystal, silver beads
Cobalt crystal beads, silver beads & silver clasp $55 SOLD

Festive necklace & bracelet with vintage lampwork beads and more
Necklace created with vintage beads and silver $75, double strand vintage bracelet with silver $70

Orange vintage bracelets
On left, vintage beads & silver links $50; on right, vintage beaded bracelet SOLD

Green earrings, mostly vintage beads, some crystal, all silver earwires
Made with vintage beads, Swarovski crystal, pearls & silver wire. All $25/pr except for top right: $35 

Festive bracelets, vintage beads
Left, double strand: $70; top r.: $40; bottom r: $45

Turquoise beads with smoky quartz and gold vermeil beads & clasp

Priority mail: $5; California sales tax: 7.50%; yarn (and other trades) welcome 

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