Friday, June 10, 2011

Back again

I had a knitting blog until a couple of years ago, and then it disappeared, and being a Raveler, I thought: Why start a new one?

But then knitters told me they missed my blog, so here I go again......

First order of action: to talk about the yarn that has captured my imagination, and dollars: Wollmeise. Oh, help me, help me Rhonda..... This yarn is so dense with color, so gorgeous after blocked.....Here's a photo of a skein. Isn't this skein of Limone enough to brighten up anyone's day?

And here's a pic of a recent--my most recent--project: the Ishbel shawl, also knit with Wollmeise in the Fleiderbush 100% merino colorway/yarn. It was my first skein of Wollmeise, traded by a knitter in Asia. She saw something in my stash on Ravelry that she wanted, I saw this color in her stash and asked for it. She said yes. Big mistake--only sorta. It was my entryway drug to the world of Wollmeise.

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